Monday, 3 October 2011

You are most welcome!

The other day, Mark and I were at the Entebbe airport and there was a marketing sign up for some tour company and their catchy slogan was "You are most welcome".  I was laughing because if you've lived in Uganda for any period of time, you know what that means.  But if you've just landed in the country and are  bursting out of the arrivals gate, your passport stamped, your body exhausted but your spirits high, you walk out and think "what did i do that warrants a 'you're welcome'".  

I use this as our intro to what we hope to be a communal blog-- a pre-processing, an in the midst of processing, a post-processing.   We hope that through each personal experience and the resulting written accounts, we can be present together as aliens and residents in Uganda and in our home countries.

An author you have or will read says, "presence is the debt of gratitude we owe each other" (John V. Taylor).  As prospective students, as current students, as alumni and as staff,  we look forward to how we can gratefully share, grow and learn together.

You are most welcome!

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