Friday, 9 December 2011

Touch the World job posting

Job Description:
Uganda Ministry Liaison

Touch the World is a mission organization that equips people to live out the message of Christ by restoring lives and empowering communities around the world.

Mission Statement:  To introduce people to Jesus Christ through project based initiatives, disciple them into the local body of assembled believers and equip them to reach others with the Gospel.

Touch The World Uganda is a field branch of TTW USA.  It is a registered non-denominational Christ-centered NGO operating to see spiritual transformation come through project-based initiatives.

TTW Uganda Vision Statement:  To equip the people of Uganda to live in communities of spiritual transformation, interdependency, and sustainability.

UML Position Overview
The UML serves as an advocate for all things Touch the World Uganda, working mainly from the home office.  The UML connects the home office of TTW USA by communicating with TTW Uganda and serving TTW Uganda missionaries with their various needs.  The range of requirements for this position is very diverse.

Requirements for UML
Committed Christian, demonstrating a healthy & growing spiritual life
Committed to raising a personal support salary
Excellent at communicating information & concepts; data as well as ideas
Creative and self-motivated

Education & experience in overseas/cross cultural missions
Education &/or experience with Uganda, specifically
Administratively skilled (as this job is highly administrative)
    Specific responsibilities listed on pg. 2 or upon request
Please contact Jeremy Matthews, Director of Global Ministries, with any questions or interest: 
201.760.9925 x 35

  1. Pray daily on behalf of the mission, each ministry and missionaries on the field.
  2. Report all TTWU prayer requests to TTW USA, home office.
  3. Communicate daily with Uganda country director (when possible). 
  4. Maintain regular communication with all TTWU staff.
  5. Retain a constant working knowledge of all ministry progress in Uganda. 
  6. Submit weekly accountability reports to the Director of Global Ministries (both personal and on behalf of TTWU).
  7. Create & submit weekly TTW USA ministry reports to Uganda Country Director. 
  8. Be prepared at all times to share literature, support raising information and all available knowledge of the ministry to interested supporters & donors.
  9. Daily update TTWU social media and monitor all missionary’s personal social media, newsletters, blogs, etc…
  10. Print and distribute monthly newsletters or other regular updates or mailings.
  11. Seek avenues in which to publicize the work being done in Uganda.
  12. Work in partnership with TTW’s LifeBridge coordinator, concerning child sponsorships in Uganda.
  13. Create & manage volunteer teams to raise awareness and funds for the ministry.
  14. Recruit well-qualified people who would be suitable to work alongside the ministry in Uganda (staff, interns, short term team members, etc…)
  15. Continuously network potential supporters, sources of income & key contacts that will foster growth in the ministry.   
  16. Work in conjunction with Short Term Mission department when sending teams to Uganda.
  17. Field all questions concerning internship programs, teams, etc…
  18. Coordinate income generating project(s) for which to help raise operating funds of the ministry, namely through the distribution, marketing and sales of Ugandan handicrafts and merchandise.
  19. Coordinate & create fundraisers to generate income for the ministry.
  20. Participate in all TTW USA fundraising events.
  21. Participate in preparing for TTW’s Short Term Missions department’s GUTS training week (July).
  22. Lead day long trainings for Uganda bound short term teams.
  23. Spend 1-3 months in Uganda per year (preferably during the summer months).

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