Thursday, 5 April 2012

A student's narrative of a day in her life

Students often include a describe of a day in their life at UCU on their personal blogs, so we wanted to share just such a post. Brooke titles her post "The NewNormal Campus Version":
A day in the life of me while living on Uganda Christian University…
Anywhere between 6:00 and 7:00 being woken up either the noise in the hallway or outside where the dining hall is, which is right outside my window.
I get out of bed around 7:00 to get ready for the day, I never thought that I would get up so early in the morning.
I make it to breakfast right before it closes, breakfast is open from 6:45 to 8:00…and it consist of tea and either two rolls, one roll or a egg, or two eggs. We have found out that bringing butter to add some flavor to the rolls.
Then I head off to class, all of my classes are in the morning.
Lunch is at 12:45-2:00, which is rice and beans. On special days we have pineapple or beef. 
After lunch…I either take a nap or find a spot outside to sit by myself and do homework or reflect.
It gets dark at 7:00…and that is when dinner is. Again it is rice and beans.
After dinner…i hang out with my ugandan friends, USP friends, or do homework.
Be ready for this…I go to bed between 10:00 and 11:00…yes that is correct. That is of course if there is no noise, but there always is. I am getting use to sleeping when there are sounds everywhere.
Then it happens all over again.
Sometimes when we cannot eat rice and beans anymore we go to the canteens (little restaurants on campus) and get food. My favorite meal is chicken and chips (french fries). I do laundry by hand every couple of days… We go rolling, where we get Rolex’s (its good, trust me). 
Oh and toilets…don’t sit on them (if there is a toilet). Most of the time it is just a hole in the ground. And there is no toilet paper or soap. So I bought some at the local supermarket. 
Life is lived simply here… it sounds bad, but it really is not. Mukono, has everything one needs, yes there is not the variety, but who really needs twenty different brands of laundry detergent and fabric softener? I love it here.
-Brooke Strayer (Spring 2012)

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  1. It's kind of got a rustic charm doesn't it? I've never met a USP student who didn't like le rolex.