Saturday, 19 January 2013

Mukono Home Stays

It's that time of the semester again when USP students who live on campus start to get a little bit nervous (not all, but some). They start to wonder what they have gotten themselves into with USP; they are full of questions and speculations. They knew this day would come, but so soon? You all know what I am talking about? Mukono two-week home stays have arrived!

Today, January 19th, was the start of home stays. They started bright and early at 10 am. (10 am is early right??) The students packed up their bedding, clothing, toiletries etc. and waited in front of Honors college, anxious to find out which van to get into to head for their new home.

Whatever nerves they had the day before or even today began to dissipate as as they met their new families. Here are some pictures of students meeting their families...

Rachel meeting some of her family members

Look! All smiles!

Jessi walking with Mama Edith to her new home

Amanda and Mama Ruth

Carissa gearing up to meet her family

A loving embrace between a dad and his new daughter

Kelly and Mama Odeta

Vincent helping Benita arrive at her home stay

These pictures only capture a few students experiences of meeting their family for the first time. The families were very excited to meet their new sons and daughters. As I greeted each family, the mother or father would say to me, "Thank you for bringing my daughter." Ahhh, you gotta love the openness and warmth you feel right away from Ugandan families, though they hardly know the USP students yet.

This is only the beginning, two-weeks from now many are going laugh thinking about how nervous they were today. What I know for sure is that they are going to take away from their home stay experiences, memories and relationships that will last a lifetime. 

Post by Tiffany Gathers 


  1. So awesome! Thanks for sharing!
    Blessings to all the students and their new families, Michelle Barents (Kelly's mom)