Friday, 11 October 2013

Two-week Mukono Homestays

From September 14th through the 27th the on-campus students went to stay with families in Mukono.  These families graciously welcome students into their homes, feeding them, teaching them how to participate in household chores, worshipping with them, teaching them some of the local language, etc.  Most students describe this experience as challenging, while also a very meaningful and memorable part of their semester abroad.  Here's what the students have to say...

Jonathan with his host mother, Mama Margaret
"While I initially experienced a lot of discomfort and culture shock in my home stay, I am proud to be part of a family here, and I still miss them, even though I am just down the street back on campus now!" - Jonathan

"My homestay was challenging, fantastic, and just an overall great learning experience.  Best way to learn is to live it."    -Kirstin

Jenna with the Butana family

Being called "mommy" by my nephews and having random people consider us family made me realize just how important family is here.  Also we had some really good food." -Tanya

Abby's homestay- The Kafeero Family

My homestay was a very challenging experience.  I learned that just like we stereotype Ugandans, they stereotype us as Americans, and dealing with some of these stereotypes was very challenging.  However, it was still a very good, growing experience." - Abby

"I learned so much from my host family- both culturally and because they're so different from my family back home!  I'm so grateful that I have the opportunity to connect with a Ugandan family while I'm here." - Mary Ann

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