Monday, 17 February 2014


This past weekend USP took a trip to Gulu in Northern Uganda.   We learned about the history and current 'goings-on' of northern Uganda through three different organizations that we visited.  GWED-G (Gulu Women Economic Development & Globalization) is a grass-roots organization working for "peace building and human rights concerns of WOMEN and people who are returning or have returned to their local communities after displacement." They have an incredible number of projects including human rights education, HIV prevention and maternal health and psychosocial support for war victims.

The second organization is called The Recreation Project.  Their mission is to "inspire youth to overcome fear and patterns of war through active healing experiences."  The organization is nestled in a forest in Gulu stocked with ropes, pulleys and climbing walls.  All of these tools are utilized in team building exercises 

Finally, we visited Amani Ya Juu, a women's sewing cooperative where women deeply affected by the war are able to process their experiences together while also learning to sew and supporting their families through the sale of the beautiful products they make. 

The students (all 18) had a great time in Gulu...but don't just take my word for it.  Here's what students had to say:

"The Recreation Project 

challenged me and helped me 

to overcome a fear."

 "The whole trip was amazing.  

I learned a lot plus 

it was a great re-union 

with USP people."

"I enjoyed seeing a new part of the country."

"Hearing from the women at Amani really opened my eyes to just how powerful having hope is." -Abby


"The incredible juxtapositions of the ladies at Amani are the things that struck me.  I will remember their horrid experiences, but more than that, their strength and resilience." - Tita

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