Thursday, 20 March 2014

Community Engagement

Part of the Cross Cultural Practicum class is an experiential learning project called Community Engagement. This task is an opportunity for students to get involved and connect with their living context in ways that interest them.  Students living on campus participate in any number of on-campus activities, including fellowships, worship teams, sports teams etc.  Homestay students typically invest in their immediate neighborhood.  Below is a glimpse into some of the ways that students are engaging their communities. Take a look!

I've done two things for community engagement.  There is a group of young girls who live in my neighborhood.  Sometimes we hang out, paint nails, laugh and talk about life.
 My other activity is working on my neighbor's farm.  In this picture I'm tilling the soil in preparation to plant matooke (a staple food of this area).


For campus engagement, I have been attending the Honor's College fellowship. Every Wednesday morning we meet for an hour to pray, study scripture, worship, and eat breakfast together. This has been a great opportunity to get to know Ugandan students and learn more about what Christian faith looks like in this context.


For my community engagement my mom has been teaching me how to use the tailoring machine (sewing machine) which is much more difficult than it seems. At this point I was learning to fix a torn dress for my little sister, Peace. I will be learning how to make purses, wallets, clothes, and necklaces in the coming weeks.


I decided to join the chapel choir because I used to be a part of gospel choir at my home university, and wanted to continue singing.  It has been fun praising God with new friends, and
getting to know them.

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