Saturday, 23 August 2014

A new semester...

Hello Hello! After a sumer hiatus from posting, we are back and gearing up for a new semester. Those of you who know us, know this has been a year of big changes for USP, and there are a number of new faces on staff. As we auspiciously enter our second decade with the start of our 21st semester, allow me to introduce you to the incredible team:

Andi Haskins
Program Assistant

 Eddie Tokpa
Assistant Coordinator

Innocent Atimango
Administrative Assistant

Jean Kukunda
Program Assistant

Katie Green
Program Assistant

Lisa Tokpa
Social Work Coordinator

Lydia Wankuma
Office Administrator

Rachel Robinson
Interim Director

Vincent Mujuni
Program Driver
Julia Yoder
Assistant Coordinator

Lydia Koma
Office Attendant

And this is only the tip of the iceberg! There are many many more people that make up the USP community: host families, roommates, practicum sites, Uganda Christian University lecturers, administrators and staff.

Keep our 18 students in your thoughts and prayers as they make their various journeys around the globe to Uganda over the next two days, and us here as we start Orientation on Monday.

Here's to a terrific semester, Fall 2014!


  1. Yeah for the whole team, for all the partners, for all the students en route! In our prayers!

  2. However there are still nations, for example, India where young lady and kid are separated.

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