Thursday, 5 November 2015

Hats off to the Lady Cardinals!

Many USP students choose to participate in extracurricular activities including sports. Joining the volleyball, tennis, swimming or basketball team is a fantastic chance to get to know fellow UCU students.

Today we are highlighting our women’s soccer team; The Lady Cardinals.

This semester we have three USP students who are playing with the Lady Cardinals, Morgan Walker, Molly Stark, and Kat Hohenberger. Practice takes place every day from 5-7pm at the old pitch and consists of drills, exercises and practice games. 

For Kat, one of the benefits of being on a sports team has been the welcoming nature of the rest of the team.

“Soccer has been such a great opportunity to get to know new people and connect with them by doing something we all love together. Everyone has been so welcoming and it has been great to develop a sense of family with yet another group of people here in Uganda.”

A couple of weeks ago the Lady Cardinals participated in an Independence Day Tournament. Along with their teammates, Kat, Molly and Morgan competed in games against various women’s teams from surrounding schools and universities. The Lady Cardinals finished with three wins, one tied game and one loss.

Morgan, Molly and Kat at the Independence Day Tournament
As the semester rolls on, the Lady Cardinals will continue to play the soccer field with style, our students will continue to grow and learn with their fellow teammates and USP will continue to be on the sidelines cheering on our beloved students.

Here's to you, Lady Cardinals!

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