Thursday, 21 January 2016

Introducing... Spring 2016!

Happy New Year!

Things have been quite lively at USP! Just a week and a half ago we welcomed our new group of twenty-two fabulous students…

Eddie and the PAs get ready to pick up students from the airport
Students hike up Monkey Hill while waiting for the others to arrive
They're all here!

We dropped off our four semester-long homestay students at their new homes, where they were welcomed with big smiles and beautiful Ugandan hospitality.

Homestay students with their trunks and basins - ready to head home!
Anna meets her mama
Rachel with her new mama
Danielle gets a big hug from her new mama
Kennedy's mama so excited about her new daughter

Over the three days of orientation sessions, we got acquainted with the K-3 classroom, explored the UCU campus, ate plenty of rice and beans, and walked around town for the Mukono scavenger hunt!

All 22 in the K-3 classroom

Last Monday we dove straight into Faith and Action class with a lively seminar discussion on John Taylor’s The Primal Vision. We spent the rest of the week settling into classes, visiting social work practicum sites for the first time, sharing plenty of comic stories as we adjust to Ugandan culture, and taking a trip to the Mukono market for a shopping spree! On Friday we all piled in the coaster for our Faith and Action retreat at Vision for Africa, where we had more great discussion and quality bonding time over card games and coffee. 

Carly and Jenni rocking their braids at Vision for Africa
Adrian, Stacey, Prudence and Amy enjoying some coffee and good conversation
Anna, Gilbert, Emilie and Kennedy playing a lively game of Dutch Blitz

When the weekend rolled around, all of our off-campus students got dropped off with their respective families in Mukono for their two-week homestays!

On-campus students ready for their Mukono homestays!
Bethany gets a warm welcome to her new home
Stacey and her mama
Ella meets her many siblings
The semester is off to a great start, already full of deep discussions, funny stories, close friendships and lots of learning – a beautiful way to start 2016! 

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