Friday, 19 August 2016

Thank You Spring 2016!

USP’s Spring 2016 semester has come to a close, but we know that our students’ learning is only just beginning! They are going home with new stories, new perspectives and new family members in their hearts, and now begins the process of integrating that newness into their lives at home.

To each of our students this semester –

We send you off with blessings and prayers and excitement for the beautiful work you will do in each of your futures! Here are a few pieces of the incredible growth and beautiful community you’ve experienced this semester that we hope you'll take with you!

You tried new things…

Anna, Kenedy and Emily try some roasted fish in Entebbe

You grew professionally…

Katie with her supervisor, Justine from ROTOM*

You grew academically…

Rachel receives her certificate at the USP Farewell Dinner

You grew in your ability to express yourselves…

USP students working on a creative processing project during debrief

You came to understand the concept of family in a new way…

Stacey with her host family

You worshiped together…

USP and Honours College students lead Community Worship together

You played together…

USP students doing a team building activity at
The Recreation Project in Gulu

You bonded over the small things…

Rachel, Gilbert and Danielle at debrief in Entebbe

You saw beauty grow out of suffering…

Jewelry made by survivors of the
conflict in northern Uganda

You worked with amazing models of courage and compassion…

Sarah and Esther with friends from their internship at Off-Tu*

You’ve allowed yourselves to be challenged and changed, and you’ve come out as stronger, more thoughtful citizens of the world.

Thank you Spring 2016! Welcome to the rest of your life! 

*photos posted with permission 


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  2. God bless you guys, and may God continue to bless all of my fellow students / staff from USP Spring 2005, and may God richly bless beautiful Uganda!