Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Two-week Mukono Homestays

A unique and special part of the USP semester is the homestay experience. Living with a Ugandan family is one of the most enriching and valuable parts of cultural immersion. All of our 'On-Campus' (students who choose to live in dorms on the Uganda Christian University campus for the semester) live with a family in Mukono for two weeks. They recently returned from their homestays with lots of good stories and photos to share, and now they each have a 'home away from home' here in Mukono where they can return throughout the semester. 

Getting ready to be dropped off with their new families!

It’s undeniable how hospitable our Ugandan host families are to the students, welcoming their new sons and daughters with big hugs and warm smiles, immediately removing any nervousness the students may have been feeling.

Sabrina meeting her new mama!
Jimmy meeting his new mama!
As with being a member of any family, the students take on various responsibilities in their new homes. Some of these chores can be preparing meals, washing dishes, cleaning the house, feeding the chickens, milking the cows and making fresh fruit juice. And then there’s always time to simply enjoy relaxing and having fun with the family by drinking tea, watching soap operas on TV, having Bible studies and playing with little brothers and sisters. Some students may even have the opportunity to attend special occasions such as Ugandan parties, introductions and weddings. 

Joanna playing with her younger brother.
During their homestays, students have to walk from their homes to campus and back every day, which helps add to their experience as a local university student. Often times there are many neighborhood children eagerly waiting for them to walk by so they can greet them. Being called “Muzungu!!” by excited children every day becomes a familiar part of the routine, as is arriving home after a long day, taking evening tea with whoever is around. 

Kendra cooking supper with her siblings.

The homestay experience can be challenging at times. Stepping outside their comfort zones helps students to grow in new ways and gain a new perspectives. Even though we come from different cultures and may do some things differently, we realize that we are also not so different at all.

Kara baking a cake with her parents!
Many of our students apply to live with host families in Mukono for the entire semester. We'll share more from our 'Homestay students' soon!

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  1. I would really love to join this program so I could also have the chance of going for higher studies...
    I am Emma from Kampala-(UG)