Friday, 9 December 2016

UCU Campus Engagement

As our Fall 2016 semester is wrapping up, students are reflecting on their time in Uganda. While going to university in Uganda looks somewhat different than the home campuses our students are used to, there are still plenty of opportunities for USP students to get connected and involved at Uganda Christian University (UCU).

Mallory Inniger

Mallory Inniger, a Global Health Emphasis student from Taylor University has had an extremely positive semester at UCU. Many of Mallory’s interactions on campus have been with her Ugandan roommate, Cathy. Together, they have attended fellowships which involved worshiping, sharing testimonies, and reading scripture with other Christians. Mallory has appreciated being able to worship in new ways while learning different perspectives that people hold about their faith.

One of Mallory’s favorite memories with Cathy was attending a cultural gala together, which was essentially a lot of people and a lot of dancing. As Mallory walked into the room, someone wrapped a grass skirt around her waist and pulled her in to the group of dancers. Mallory managed to get over feeling self-conscious and enjoyed a beautiful moment with Ugandans, enjoying life together.  

Cathy teaches her USP roommate, Mallory a Ugandan style dance

Jimmy Strid 

Jimmy Strid, a General Studies Emphasis student from Olivet Nazarene University has done a phenomenal job of getting involved and getting to know Ugandans at UCU. Among other things, Jimmy has been part of a fellowship, a Bible study, and monthly overnight worship sessions. He has also regularly played basketball with a few friends and has spent time having conversations with the new people he has met. For Jimmy, an exciting part of being at UCU has been being able to share his faith with others, realizing that Christ unites us all and erases the boundaries that we often put on people who are different from us. He has learned a great deal from the many Ugandans he has met, and has appreciated hearing about their respective journeys.

Jimmy gathers his thoughts before Bible Study 

Jessica Erickson

Jessica Erickson, a Global Health Emphasis student from Westmont College has dedicated time each day to be a part of the women’s soccer team at UCU. Jessica and fellow USP student, Elle Arnold, a General Studies student also from Westmont, wanted an opportunity to make friends on campus and since they are both passionate about sports, decided to join the soccer team. For Jessica, being a part of the team has been a “diverse experience.” Getting to know the other players on the team was challenging at first; but Jessica and Elle eventually earned the respect of their teammates by continually showing up and showing their honest desire to get to know the rest of the team. Now they feel like sisters, eating together weekly, sharing inside jokes, and opening up to one another on deeper levels. Jessica has been learning bits of Luganda and Swahili from her soccer friends as well as lessons in community and some of the struggles of being a female athlete in Uganda. Saying goodbye at the end of the semester will be incredibly hard for this team as they have grown very close, but the relationships they have built are worth it. 

Uganda Christian University Football (Soccer) Team

Jessica and Elle celebrate their team's win

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