Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Rural Homestays: Serere

Every semester the students spend a week in a Ugandan village doing a rural homestay. Each student lives with a family for the week, learning about life in a rural Ugandan context. This gives students the opportunity to learn about a different culture and way of life within Uganda. This semester we went to warm and beautiful Serere, in eastern Uganda.  

Driving to Serere - almost there! 

Some students have the opportunity to stay in grass thatched huts

Olivia meeting her new host mama

Bryson embracing his new host mama

Paige being welcomed by her new host grandmother

Jenna with her new host family
Their Experiences
During their week, the students stepped outside of their comfort zones by trying and learning many new things, including language, food, work and living environments. Since every family is different, each of the students had a unique experience. Some students had the opportunity to milk cows, while others learned how to kill a chicken. Some students swept the compounds, while others learned how to fetch and carry water on their heads. Some students tried digging in the garden, while others learned how to shell groundnuts. Each family provided their new son or daughter with many things to try and learn. 

Maya shelling ground nuts (peanuts) with her host family

Rebecca learning how to fetch & carry water on her head

Hannah learning how to kill a chicken!

Caitlin dressed up in a gomesi, the tradition Ugandan dress for women

Debrief Retreat
After picking up the students from their families’ homes, we then traveled further east to Sipi Falls, a breathtaking place in the foothills of Mt. Elgon, for debrief. We spent time reflecting on and processing all the students experienced during their rural homestays. We then hiked to three waterfalls and took an in-depth tour of one of a local coffee farm. On our last morning we had a sunrise worship service from a beautiful spot overlooking the plains below. It was a wonderful weekend spent together, debriefing rural homestay experiences, and enjoying one another. 

One of the beautiful Sipi Falls waterfalls

Being up close is when you see can just how big the falls are!

Hiking in Sipi Falls

Hiking in Sipi Falls
Learning about the coffee process from start to finish: picking, roasting and 
grinding the beans to making and drinking a fresh cup of coffee!

Sunrise worship time on top of a little mountain
Glorious views...

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  1. Great One USP department and I pray for the Students to always be well in Our land (Uganda).