Friday, 20 January 2012

New and Improved IMME QUARTERS!

USP Spring 2012 is off and running! The rains have dried up and it is sunny and HOT here in Mukono. We are finishing our second week of classes and students are settling nicely into the USP/UCU rhythm. Staff is working hard to keep up with the students; this group is tied for our largest semester ever at 43! And what with 24 IMME's we've had to do some remodeling... so, drum roll please.... introducing the new and improved IMME Quarters! (Still a work in progress, but up and running for the most part.)

The old entrance looking down the hill:

 Looking at the new addition from Foundations Studies:

Inside-- looking GOOD, but working with makeshift furniture at the moment.

Current IMME students working hard. (Or busily planning safaris and rafting trips, as the case may actually be):

Two more IMME's internetting at the other end of the room...

Full view from the top:

Master-mind Mark looking mighty pleased:


And looking back up from the bottom to what is now the main entrance:

Its pretty luxurious! These IMME's don't know how good they've got it, am I right?? Any previous students have photos of the old IMME Quarters they want to share with the current group?

For those of you not in the USP-know, our IMME students (those participating in the Intercultural Ministry and Missions Emphasis) live off campus in semester-long home stays. The IMME Quarters are their place on campus, where they can store their stuff, have access to internet and and study in-between classes.

- Rachel Robinson, IMME Coordinator 


  1. Banange! Spoiled.

  2. Oh no... too big. How will IMME students ever bond if they're not squished into an 8-foot space? ;)

  3. My oh my. It's a mansion in there! My personal favorite is the picture you added of Vincent :)