Saturday, 4 February 2012

Art Friday!

Art, music, dance, fashion and theatre are rich expressions of culture; they are powerful mediums/ venues for culture to 'work itself out,' ask questions, document change, engage politics, raise awareness and celebrate life etc. While these have always been a part of the cultures here, the 'art scene' in Kampala is relatively young, still 'in the womb, but kicking!' according to artist, Doudi Karungi.

This semester a small group of artists and art-appreciators among the USP staff and students are exploring and enjoying some of the current art scene in Kampala through a series of 'Art Friday' field trips around the city.

Our first 'Art Friday,' we visited a prominent Kampala gallery, Afriart and had the opportunity to hear from/speak with Daudi Karungi, the gallery owner and artist.

AfriArt Gallery:

Daudi speaks to the students about the last ten years of being an artist/ curator and gallery owner in Kampala. Behind him on the wall is one of his paintings.

Discussing political agendas in art through this David Kigoizi rooster piece:

Ivuka Art Studio:

Our second stop last Friday was Ivuka Art Studio, a big house-turned-studio space/gallery where eight artists work.

Artist, Jjuuko Hoods explains his latest work dealing with issues that face Kampala as a fast-growing and developing city: traffic congestion, land use etc.

One of the artists discusses his use of texture in his work with Christina.

Close up of one of his pieces:

The artists speak to the students and answer questions about their own creative processes and what it is like working in a cooperative studio space:

Art changes lives!

A big thank you to the artists and their beautiful work! 

posted by: Rachel Robinson, IMME Coordinator


  1. Wow! What a fantastic idea! Too bad we didn't think of this during my semester :)

  2. That sounds amazing! Just another reason why I'll have to come back and visit :) Love all the new opportunities you guys are doing for USPers!

  3. This is awesome- art as a means of communicating culture in a unique way. Love it!

    Thanks for sharing!