Thursday, 30 October 2014

Rural Homestays...a week in Kapchorwa!

Every semester, USP students journey to 'the village' for a week of rural homestays. Students have a great opportunity to exchange schedules and classes for a taste of rural life where time is measured in relationships and cups of tea. This semester we went to Kapchorwa in Eastern Uganda, a land of stunning beauty, mountain cliffs, valleys and breathtaking waterfalls.

The week began with the van full of stuffed backpacks and nervous chatter as students anticipated being dropped off at their new host families, wondering what to expect.  Students were able to learn that the material goods of urban life are superfluous when people support each other in community. Through long days of hiking in the mud to the fields to harvest coffee and farm before returning to cook dinner over fires, students learned about the hard work of village life where everything is done by hand in the absence of electricity and machines. During long breaks from the physical work, host families shared endless cups of milk tea fresh from their own cows along with stories, laughter, and generous hospitality.

Meeting Host Families

When students were picked up at the end of their stay, the van was packed with muddy gumboots, goodbye tears, and laughter as stories were swapped about their week apart. They spent the weekend debriefing their week, relaxing and hiking at Sipi Falls before returning to UCU with a piece of Kapchorwa forever in their hearts.

Hiking Sipi Falls
Sipi Falls
Enjoying the hike!

They made it to the waterfall!!
Students sharing a time of devotions, songs and lessons they learned from God during their village stays for Sunday worship during debrief.


  1. GORGEOUS photos! yeah to all of you for rural homestays and SiPi debrief