Friday, 23 January 2015

Welcome to Spring 2015 - It's Homestay Time!

The semester is well underway with all of our students adjusting to new homes, dorms, classes, food and the hot weather. Every student that studies with USP can choose their living situation for the semester. We have two different options: Dorms on the Uganda Christian University campus or Homestays within Mukono.  Even for those students who choose to live on campus, there is a 2 week Mukono homestay, so that every student by the end of their time with USP has lived with a Ugandan family and feels like they have a home here in Uganda.

Homestay Drop-Offs & Meeting the Host Families
Loading up to move into their homestays!
Meeting Host Moms

Family Walk 

Hugs & smiles all around...

We are excited for a fun and fruitful Spring 2015 Semester!  

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