Friday, 6 February 2015

Top 10 Reasons to be a {Semester-Long} Homestay Student

1.   Having a family to come home to every night.

2.   Little siblings!

3.   Amazing homemade Ugandan food...CHAPATI!

4.   You are able to experience real culture in its purest form. This can mean many things: killing a chicken, making dinner, awkward run-ins with bucket bathing and so much more.

5.   You have another family in this world who loves you, cares for you and calls you their child.

6.   You pass the same Rolex stands, wave at the same kids on the way to school, and greet the same shop owners...After a few weeks of the homestay, people start to realize that you're here to stay (at least for a semester), and their attitudes toward you totally shift.

7.   Getting to meet people on the walk to and from school everyday - you really feel like a part of the community.

8.   Your family will teach you how to make passion fruit juice, slice enormous pineapples, build a charcoal fire, and so much more!

9.   Having your hair braided every night by your little siblings.

10. Getting tackled with hugs from your brothers and sisters as you enter the gate for home.

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  1. GREAT REASONS! By the way- I love the Uganda colors but it's kind of hard to read the yellow (at least on Chrome).