Thursday, 7 May 2015

Behind the scenes with our Homestay Coordinators

Homestays are some of the most valuable experiences our students have every semester. Each USP student, before leaving Uganda, will have stayed with two different families, one within Mukono town (urban setting) and one in a rural setting (either in Kapchorwa or Serere). We believe there is no better place to learn about Ugandan culture than from a Ugandan family that will love you, teach you and treat you like their own son or daughter.

Recently, all of our coordinators, from different parts of the country, made the trip to UCU to meet and plan for the upcoming year with Eddie Tokpa. Eddie oversees all of the homestay field coordinators, manages the homestay family logistics and helps match our students up with families that will be a great fit.

Our field coordinators have built solid relationships with families in their communities, and work to prepare, support and follow up with them as they host north American USP university students each semester.

These individuals do incredibly valuable work for USP, laying the foundations that many relationships between families and students are built on. We are grateful!

All of our Homestay Coordinators after their recent planning meeting with our Eddie Tokpa (second from left).

Reverend Johnson Kansiime
Mukono Homestay Coordinator

"I used to think Ugandan culture was the best, but through my interactions with USP I have come to appreciate and value different cultures.  This program marries the two cultures and it is beautiful to experience it semester after semester."

Reverend Moses Salimo
Kapchorwa Homestay Coordinator
"I am constantly asked by members of my community, 'When are the children coming?' USP students are loved and appreciated by all, the families really look forward to hosting them and the community loves having them attend church on Sundays. When they are present, members of our community feel that they are in another world." 
Stephen Eitu
Serere/Soroti Homestay Coordinator
"Homestays not only benefit USP students, but also our host families.  Through this cultural exchange, knowledge has been gained and our families have been blessed." 


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