Monday, 17 August 2015

Summertime Reconnections

One of the fun things about summer travel is reconnecting with former USP staff and alumni. 
It's always special to spend time together and catch up on the twists and turns of life since USP.

In Pittsburgh with Mark and Abby Bartels (USP co-founders) at an interactive Alphabet Installation! 

Eddie, Lisa and Becca (Spring 2013) in England

 Rachel and Meghan (Spring 2007/ former PA) in DC

 Rachel, Maddie (Spring 2013), Abby and Mark in Pittsburgh

 Mark (former Director), Rachel and Gwyn (former Social Work Coordinator) 
in Pittsburgh

 Kha-ai, Jenna and Kayla (Spring 2015) with Lisa in Colorado

 Grand Rapids gathering: Gabe (SP 2012), Rachel, Krista (Fall 2014), Alex (Fall 2013), Delaney (Spring 2012), Daniel (Fall 2006), Chad (Fall 2013), Mark, Alicia (Fall 2010)
Rob (Spring 2012) and Cynthia (former USP Coordinator)

 Rachel and Alex (Fall 2013)

 Mark, Daniel (Fall 2006) and Cynthia

 Lisa and Bethany (Fall 2014) in Ohio

Andrina (Spring 2013) and Lisa in Ohio

Laura and Alex (Spring 2015) with Eddie in Philadelphia 

Eddie with Ashley and Sam (Spring 2013) in Philadelphia 

Rachel and Mariel (Fall 2013) in Uganda

Back in Uganda with USP alumni/ Program Assistants:
Mark, Ashton, Innocent, Jones, Katie, Abby
Lisa, Andi, Martha, Rachel 

Thanks for hanging out! 

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  1. Love seeing all the familiar faces! Hope the arrival of students goes well, thinking of you all.