Sunday, 27 November 2011

Africa, Anglicanism and Advent

‘Bonding Time: The Nativity in Townsville’ by Jan Hynes, 2007.

Many USP students come to Uganda aware that they will study in Africa.  But many of our students do not come from liturgical backgrounds and therefore discover in various contexts that they are also learning about worshipping in Africa, and also learning about anglican tradition in worship.

Those of us raised in liturgical backgrounds are also re-learning anglicanism in this context.  In East Africa, anglicanism is primarily low-church in its worship style.

But, for the sake of this audience, I thought I'd share one link that includes a good description of the season of advent.

Also for our alumni and current students, I found this cool advent activity to use with children in a variety of settings:

Any alumni and current students who have relevant resources to share about your experience with anglicanism and advent, please do share!

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