Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Lira Trip

Last weekend the Uganda Studies Program Cross Cultural Ministry Practicum class went to Lira.  Leaving on Friday afternoon we drove 6 hours north in a packed vehicle, passing through sun and rain, and seeing the Nile, monkeys, fields of sunflowers and a different region of the country.  

Our first stop on Friday night was Sankofa Cafe in Lira town.  A cafe started by Americans, it is now a business that employs Ugandans and teaches them skills.  The students got to hear from one of the managers about their business and enjoy pizza!  A successful stop all around.

On Saturday morning we headed to Otina Waa.  This is a ministry started by an American couple that includes children's homes, schools, a cafe, and a shop among other things.  Below Bob is telling the students about the ministry's history and vision- he is a very engaging speaker as you can see.


We then got a tour of the property that included an education on hydro form bricks.  Bob was pretty excited about the construction going on!  The group had a chance to ask lots of questions and then enjoyed lunch at the ministry's cafe.  

After lunch we headed to Hellen's shelter.  This is a home for abused women and children, started by Hellen, a former police officer in Uganda who saw a need for such a place.  Her story and ministry is inspiring, we got to ask questions and share time with those at the shelter.  Below Katy, Erica, Mariah, Christa, Autumn and Kaisha get to know Hellen.

The whole group gathered for a picture during our visit.

Liz getting to know some of the kids!

After a rain storm on Saturday we had a time to debrief and discuss what we had seen.  Sunday morning we went to a local church then hit the road to make it back to Mukono.  The trip was thought provoking, contained many new experiences and sights, and helped us all see ministry practiced in different ways within Uganda.  

Written by Gwyneth Jones, USE/SWE coordinator

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