Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Rural home stays- Kapchorwa

Here are a few photos from a full, fun week had by IMME students in Kapchorwa over rural home stays. 

The USP van climbing up the Mt. Elgon escarpment:

Dropping off Kate at her new home for the week:

A misty morning out visiting students:

Joe picking coffee with his host father:

It is the thick of coffee harvesting in Kapchorwa. A bucket full of harvested coffee cherries (the technical term!):

Katy and our program driver Vincent getting out of the rain in the families sitting room:

Katie and her host mom and niece:

Michael harvesting coffee with his host brother:

Heading home after a morning of picking with a bucket full of beans-I-mean-cherries:

Program associate Jordan taking tea with Wesley at her home stay:

The beautiful Sipi Falls:

Nellie helps her host parents prepare chicken for dinner in the kitchen:

And at the end of the week, we all gathered at The Crows Nest for debrief. Program coordinator Gwyn here, sandwiched between Daniel and Joe:

Lots of fun and games at debrief:

And hiking of course:

A group of us at the base of Sipi Falls:

- posted by Rachel Robinson, IMME Coordinator


  1. this looks fantastic. love the coffee picking!

    thanks, as always, for sharing!

  2. love looking at everything:) thanks for posting Rachel!!